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Caroline McDougall, Psychotherapy

What is Psychotherapy

Caroline McDougall

If, through exploration with Caroline, you discover that your problem is deeper and possibly the result of challenging life experiences, then psychotherapy will help.

For most people life is about finding meaning, having a direction, and feeling a sense of contentment. Yet many live their life chronically depressed, anxious, substance addicted, or unable to control their emotions. Depression is a chronic state of negative experiencing, low mood, inability to experience pleasure, and self-criticism.

Like depression, anxiety is a state, which is ‘masking’ deeper emotional issues. As a skilled specialist in a flexible, highly effective approach known as process-experiential emotion-focused therapy, Caroline will ‘get to the heart’ of what lies beneath states such as depression and anxiety.

This form of psychotherapy is also effective in the treatment of other chronic problems, including substance use and some mental illnesses. The process begins with building rapport and an understanding of you, the whole person. Caroline then facilitates a gentle yet profound process of exploring your personal experiences. This leads to improved integration of emotions and more regulated ways of feeling, thinking and behaving.

By gradually challenging patterns which don’t seem to be working for you, you will grow in self-understanding and confidence. The positive change and growth intrinsic to developing emotional intelligence will positively impact every aspect of your life.

By learning to live in harmony with yourself and others, you will feel happier, more motivated and more fulfilled.