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Caroline McDougall, Counselling

What is Counselling

Talking to friends and family can sometimes be difficult and uncomfortable. Counselling is the relationship between two human beings, working together, with trust and unconditional positive regard, to resolve your problem.

Caroline McDougall

If the problem is immediate and easily resolved, counselling may last for a few sessions and is focused on finding a solution for the presenting issue. This may be a problem at home or at work, or any other difficulty you are having in your life. Because every problem and every person is different, there is no ‘one size fits all’ answer. Caroline listens without judgment and offers support and objective feedback to assist you to explore your issues with a sense of safety and confidentiality. Counselling may involve ‘life coaching’ to learn valuable skills to improve your interaction with others.

Counselling can also include relaxation techniques and mindfulness meditation. This optional adjunct to counselling helps you to learn positive and enjoyable ways to handle general stress, and to better understand and manage the connection between thoughts, emotions and behaviour. Learning these techniques will enhance your general wellbeing, and may take place in either individual or group sessions facilitated by Caroline McDougall.

It helps to talk a problem through with a skilled counsellor who will not judge you.