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Caroline McDougall

About Caroline McDougall

Mast.Couns. B.Ed.; Dip. Comm. Serv.

Caroline is a qualified and accredited counsellor who specializes in process-experiential emotion-focused therapy.

Caroline has extensive experience in both mental health and private settings. As well as intensive postgraduate (Masters) training in counselling and psychotherapy, she has experiential wisdom gained through considerable life experience. Caroline is a published author, and writes papers about psychotherapy, one of which was recently published in Counselling Australia (Australian Counselling Association Journal).

The focus of Caroline’s work is to assist people towards ‘mastery’ of their own lives, through improved self-esteem and resilience. Caroline is an experienced facilitator of mindfulness meditation groups, which can be a helpful adjunct to counselling in your journey of holistic recovery. Her personal and professional approach emphasizes the importance of developing a trusting relationship with you. In this warm, caring environment you will feel safe to undertake a gentle and collaborative process of exploration into your issues.

Caroline offers a sliding scale so that her services are available to people with diverse individual needs and financial circumstances.